Hey! I am Liz, or Bizzy, and I am so excited to share bits and pieces of myself with you. I have now been blogging since 2010. I have grown a lot through various experiences both URL and IRL. Over the years, I have covered and written about everything from fashion to food and music to local events and women’s health for previous blogs and websites. I love to embark on new projects and I’m currently working on painting (seriously, so relaxing!), writing, reading and yoga. I greatly value community and sharing experiences with one another!

In my blog, you’ll find my perspective and thoughts on women’s health, books I’m reading and the cannabis industry. I also have a livestream on Instagram once a week to chat directly with you : )

Ever since I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, I have struggled with sharing the experience and on-going management. After my move to Los Angeles, I realized this is a problem many women have but know so little about. I wanted to add my voice to the conversation! I have especially relied on cannabis and CBD to manage Endo symptoms.

For work, I went from a desk job to freelancing. After a short time on my own, I began working with Daily High Club where I am currently their Head of Marketing and Creative. You can find out more about my professional life here!